SSGSA results (2021-2022) announced

About Us

    The Sir Syed Education Society of North America, a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization, annually administers the Sir Syed Global Scholar Award (SSGSA). SSGSA is offered to students and alumni of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) from all faculties, including sciences, life sciences, medicine, arts, business, commerce, law, and education. The Sir Syed Global Scholar Award (SSGSA) was established in 2006 as Sir Syed Excellence Science Award to serve the needs of AMU Students interested in achieving higher education in the United States. It is designed to provide AMU students and alumni with financial assistance towards standardized tests and application fees, and personalized mentoring throughout the process from selection of universities to refining personal essays and resumes. Under the SSGSA program, so far over 120 AMU students have been successfully placed at various prestigious universities around the world including the United States.
     In the year 2012, we expanded the program to other disciplines to provide this opportunity to all AMU students irrespective of their area of study. SSGSA has a committed team of volunteers who mentor students and work with them for up to two years before students are successful in getting admission at prestigious Masters or Ph.D programs. These volunteers who mentor students are experts in their field. Upon arrival in US, the students in turn become mentors to other incoming students. SSGSA sincerely believes that such a practice creates environment of grander participation and will result in a greater number of mentors to help AMU students. This is no secret that many prestigious universities in US have not heard of AMU and are reluctant to consider students even after they have excellent grades and GRE/TOEFL test scores. The SSGSA team strives hard to enhance the brand image of AMU on two fronts, first by mentoring meritorious students so they are successful in getting admission at prestigious graduate programs in US and second, by expanding our strong formal network of academic mentors who also function as brand ambassadors of AMU at their respective organizations. With the help of these academic mentors when these bright students get admission and do well at such universities, they are encouraged to open their doors to more AMU students. Some of the institutes in India such as IITs have done this successfully and there is no reason we can't create the same brand image for AMU. To this end, the SSGSA team is also working to create a database of faculty members who are AMU alumni or well-wishers.In the past, several faculty members, researchers, and company executives have delivered seminars and presentations under the SSGSA banner to motivate AMU students regarding opportunities of higher education in US. These lectures have created significant awareness among AMU students.
     SSGSA also organizes webinars, workshops and many different events at AMU through which experts and SSGSA-mentors from US and other parts of the world interact with students to guide them on various topics related to higher education and research on a regular basis. In addition to increased exposure, these webinars are helpful in keeping students motivated throughout the application process that is long, tedious and expensive. Many students get distracted and move elsewhere due to lack of continuous motivation.SSGSA's goal is to identify meritorious students, empower them with knowledge and financial assistance, and help them to fulfill their ambition of higher education by keeping them focused with continued engagement. Sir Syed started "the Aligarh Tehreek" or education movement and we all can make a small contribution by our participation in SSGSA. Sir Syed said, "Call me by whatever names you like. I will not ask you for my salvation. But please take pity of your children. Do something for them, lest you should have to repent". With these words in mind, we thank you for your support to SSGSA and hope for your continued engagement with this program.